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Rules For Rental

  1. PROPER CLEAN UP after use is the responsibility of the Renter. Renter is responsible for leaving the premises, including kitchen, bathrooms, and garden areas in the same condition in which they were found.

  2. NO SMOKING allowed in the building, parking lot, or outdoor areas.

  3. NO CONGREGATING in front of the building or in the parking lot. All guests must remain indoors or in the back yard garden area.

  4. NO LITTERING, including, but not limited to confetti or silk flower petals.

  5. No use of the facility is allowed for any purpose other than that stated in the rental contract.

  6. DECORATIONS including balloons and all other décor items must cause no damage to the premises and must be removed at the end of the event. No nails, staples or tacks are allowed. No decorations may be attached to lighting fixtures or ceiling fans.

  7. NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS are to be used, stored, released, or disposed of on premises.

  8. TRASH, including food, paper or plastic goods, must be removed and placed in closed plastic trash bags (replacements provided under kitchen sink). All trash bags must be placed in the outdoor dumpster WITHOUT EXCEPTION. A vacuum is available in the women’s restroom if needed.

  9. SPILLS, such as food, beer, wine, coffee, etc. must be cleaned up with the wipes provided in the kitchen. A vacuum is available if needed. (Located in the women’s restroom).

  10. Amplified music is to be kept at a low volume. No drums allowed. Please be a good neighbor to the residents next door as well any other tenants on site.

  11. Outdoor MUSIC must adhere to a HARD STOP at 10:00PM. Indoor music curfew is 10:30 PM. No Drums allowed.

  12. ALL HEAVY EQUIPMENT, CHAIRS AND TABLES must be lifted and not dragged.

  13. ALL FURNITURE must be returned to the storage area and neatly stowed in the manner they were found. All chairs should be stacked 2 tall (seat to seat) against the walls.

  14. NO GUM CHEWING is permitted by any person on the premises.

  15. ALL DECORATING must be in compliance with State fire codes. No open flame candles, tiki type torches or fog machines are allowed.

  16. NO STANDING OR JUMPING on or from tables or chairs.

  17. ADULT SUPERVISION is required for all children on the premises including the garden area.

  18. NO GRAFFITI or marking of any part of the premises is allowed.

  19. NO ANIMALS are allowed on the premises except service animals as allowed by law.

  20. PENALTIES as warranted, including forfeiture of security deposit will result from failure to follow any of the rules,

  21. Turn off all lights and heat upon leaving. Please note, the light between restrooms stays on.

Thank you for respecting Community House. Please leave it in the condition in which you would like to encounter it. Net proceeds from rentals preserve our building and fund our philanthropies.


-Dana Point Women’s Club Board of Directors

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